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The DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES) Early Career Network (ECN) is a group of graduate students, post-docs, and early career scientists from current EFRCs, Hubs, CMS, and CCS. We would like to promote more graduate student and postdoc activity within the centers through webinars and social events at national conferences.

                          (OCT. 2021)


                                     Manju Murugesu                                                 Laura Froute

As of October 2021, CMC-UF's current ECN representative is Manju Murugesu.  Thank you so much, Laura, for your excellent work!

In this page, we will be posting the current or upcoming events targeted to our CMC-UF ECN members, feel free to drop Manju a line if you have questions!


In this page you can learn about what they've been/will be up to!

he Early Career Investigators at the virtual All-Hands meeting on October 9th, 2020. From upper left to bottom right: Hasan Khan, Laura Froute, Bowen Ling, Justin Bracci, Takeshi Kurotori, Tim Anderson, Yulman Perez, Ye Lyu, Jiyue Wu, Filip Simeski, Kelly Guan, Sheng Hu, Bryan Medina, Mo Sodwatana, Erik Smith, Lin Sun, Manju Murugesu, and Yuhang Wang.

The Early Career Investigators at the All-Hands meeting at Stanford on October 25th, 2019. From left to right: Jiyue Wu, Ziyan Wang, Shadi Torabi, Sheng Hu, Kyle Covington, Ye Lyu, Manju Murugesu, Bowen Ling, Timothy Anderson, Filip Simeski, Laura Froute, Arnout Boelens, Bryan Medina, Yuhang Wang, Youssef Elkady, Erik Smith and Yulman Perez