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Last September, in the award ceremony in the 2021 SPE ATCE meeting in Dubai, two of our PI’s were publicly recognized for their work:

Prof. Kristian Jessen, USC, was awarded the SPE Distinguished Membership. According to the SPE website: “Established in 1983, the Distinguished Member award recognizes SPE members who achieve distinction deemed worthy of special recognition. This award acknowledges members who have attained eminence in the petroleum industry or the academic community, or who have made significant contributions to SPE.”

Prof. Tony Kovscek, Stanford U., was awarded the SPE John Franklin Carll Award. According to the SPE website: “The John Franklin Carll Award, established in 1956, recognizes distinguished contribution in the application of engineering principles to petroleum development and recovery.”

So, let’s congratulate them both for such honorable recognitions. Compliments!!



At CMC-UF we proudly share the news that Prof. Saman Aryana, (U. Wyoming) was named UW's Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies. As the UW website puts it:

“Professor Aryana is an ideal fit for the Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies, given his historic scholarship focused on energy technologies,” says UW Interim Provost Anne Alexander. “Under this chair, he will increase knowledge needed to train the next generation of Wyoming energy leaders on novel and emerging technologies.”

Congratulations, Saman, we are certain you will make the best of this honorable appointment!


To close out on 2020, the CMC-UF held a holidays meeting to mingle, play games and be jolly! We used the platform to add a fun touch to our virtual interactions. Happy holidays to everyone!

At CMC-UF we proudly share the news that Prof. Gordon Brown, (Stanford University) was named AGU fellow of the class of 2020. As the AGU website describes: "The members of this year’s class of Fellows have made exceptional contributions in our Earth and space sciences community through breakthrough, discovery, or innovation in their disciplines."

Congratulations, Gordon!

Our third all-hands meeting was a virtual, successful and productive event where all heads were put together into sharing and learning each other's research paths and forging the way ahead.

From May 18-24, 2020, researchers presented an update on their work under an "on-demand" recorded video agenda that allowed viewers to access the material at their own pace. The high quality content of the presentations and the successful implementation of the virtual format made this symposium a big hit.

Our second all-hands meeting took place on Oct. 24-25th at Stanford University.

It was a jam-packed schedule with great presentations from our investigators, and great strategic discussions with our Advisory Board, and within our Young Investigators. 

Here are some photographic records of the event.

The Principal Investigators meeting was carried out  over two days, July 29th and 30th, in Washington DC.
Professors Anthony Kovscek, Vladimir Alvarado, Kristian Jessen, Gordon Brown and Saman Aryana attended along with researchers Bowen Ling, Ziyan Wang, Shadi Torabi and Alireza Ostadhossein. The event proved to be a successful gathering of all current EFRC representatives that offered the opportunity to showcase our work and learn and interact with fellow researchers in the BES program.

Here are some photographic highlights of our team at the event.

We look forward to next year's meeting already!

Take a closer look at the posters.